7 Waves Osc
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    I thought I would post this phasor-based oscillator. It has the basic waveforms, but also some even harmonic waveforms, arranged from mellow to bright. Now that I have a mordax data, I was able to make some adjustments to the even harmonic waveforms to ensure that they are actually even harmonic. The added variety also makes for some interesting LFOs. As usual, props to Donald Tillman and till.com for thinking up the even harmonic waveforms.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.11.38 AM.png
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    7 Waves.audulus
  • No one commented on this? It sounds really cool and is a cool elemental oscillator! Love it, will probably snatch it for my own designs...muahahaha
  • Nice work!
  • Under the radar!
  • Very nice, and the till.com explanation of the various harmonic differences in the waveforms was cool as well.
  • Made my own little morphing version here

    7 Waves VCO (Bimini Road Edit).audulus
    7 Waves VCO Demo.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.30.29 PM.png
    768 x 432 - 107K
  • Very nice, super compact! Also thanks for the demo patch, I might work with it a bit today on the modular :)
  • Since looking at the Ableton Live 10 Wavetable demo got me curious about the morphing between waveforms and the order in whicfh they’re placed, I’ve been experimenting a little with rearranging the order of the 7 waves. Here’s a micro version with an ordering that provides the smoothest transition when morphing between the waveforms. The last three are clearly the loudest and I experimented a bit with splitting the outputs into two groups, but settled on keeping it simple.
    RS BR 7 Waves VCO Waveforms RM.audulus
    2224 x 1668 - 866K
  • Well those last three have the most overtones, so that would make sense for them to be loudest. Nice transition between waves with very little phase cancellation! I too have been looking at the new Live release, seems pretty powerful with the mini serum wavetable synth engine and integration of Max4Live. Hopefully the Audulus VST update will roll around soon so the DAW experience will be complete :)