How to use my bass with Audulus
  • Very new to Audulus. Motivated to try and figure this thing out, but struggling. I have a USB Jam interface and want to see what I can come up with on the bass guitar. I have an Arturia MIDI interface and I can get that to work, but I really prefer playing bass and guitar. Could someone give me some tips on how to get my signal going? I've searched the forum but am not finding much in this area.

    I really want to start basic and then slowly experiment and get crazy from there.

  • If you have a USB interface for your bass, you should be able to connect it and use the Audulus audio input. You didn't specify whether you are on an iPad , Mac or Windows but in any case if you can currently connect the interface to the device you're using for Audulus, it should be available using either the mic or ADC node in Audulus. The ADC node may be a better choice since it allows you to choose a single channel. I use an iTrack USB interface through an Apple camera adaptor for my iPad which allows me to plug the iPad into power and still us the interface. The instrument input is on the left channel which is channel 1 on the DAC. If you are using a Mac, you will need to open Audio/MIDI setup and select your interface as the default system input. Audulus connects to the system default inputs and outputs for both Mac and iOS. Here's a few things to mess with to get you started. @biminiroad's "Icebox" isn't connected at the moment. Hook it up and have some fun!
    guitar effects.audulus
  • Sorry, I'm on a mac. Appreciate the info. I'll give it a go.
  • Went into system preferences and changed the input to "Jam" and opened the guitar effects patch you sent. Still not getting any sound. I'm probably missing something obvious, but the Jam works because I use it with Logic X frequently. Signal is making it to the Jam unit - the light blinks when I hit the strings.
  • The volume on the patch is set to zero. Did you turn it up? Here's a simple patch with nothing but two inputs and meters. If your interface is on channel one or two you should see movement on one of the meters
    bass test.audulus
  • I did turn up the volume and no luck. By interface do you mean Logic X? I've tried just playing while in Audulus 3, and I tried opening up Audulus as an AU while in logic. No luck on either. Also there was no signal with the bass test you sent me.

    Signal works fine in Logic, but not when trying to play bass through Audulus while in Logic.

    Sorry to chew up your time on this!!
  • No problem. By interface I meant the USB Jam. At this point it would probably be better to focus on Audulus running in stand-alone mode. In standalone mode Audulus uses the system audio inputs and outputs so for a Mac you need to set the jam interface as the system inputs. Try using Audio/Midi setup which you will find in the utilities folder in applications. Once you have opened Audio/Midi setup you should see a window titled Audio Devices. If not select it in the Window menu. You should see your jam interface listed on the left. select the Jam then right click (or alt-click) and select use this device for sound input. When it is correctly selected you will see a microphone icon to the right of the interface. I'm assuming that the jam is only a single channel. If it is working in Logic, you should be able to use it in Audulus. The plug-in should also work, but in that case you would have to configure the plug-in as an effect in Logic. The plug-in receives its inputs from the DAW and sends its outputs back. So you would add Audulus as an effect for a channel that has your bass configured as the input.
  • So I navigated myself to the Audio/MIdi setup, however the use this device for sound input is greyed out and I can't select it. I'm guessing this is the problem. Any idea on what I need to do so that "use this device for sound input" is an option? It sees the Jam by the way.
  • I deleted the audio preferences from the Library, restarted, and then use this device was an option. I clicked it, opened Audulus, and nothing. Wen't back to Audio/Midi and right clicked again, use as audio was greyed out again.

  • If the microphone icon is displayed next to the jam it is already selected and use this device for audio input will be greyed out. Sounds like you already had it selected. Can you get any sound from Audulus patches that don't use the bass?
  • Yes. When I plug in my Arutura Minilab there are no problems.
  • OK that means output is fine. Have you tried using Audulus as an effect in logic? You could try a simple patch with the mic node hooked directly to the speaker node or ADC channel 1 and 2 hooked to DAC 1 and 2. I'm wondering if you might not have enough gain on the jam interface. You could try multiplying the input by 3 or 4 to see if that makes a difference. Since your interface works in Logic it really should work in Audulus.
  • I'll check it out. Thanks!

  • Yes, I was just going to recommend the same as @stschoen to select Audulus as an Audio Unit in Logic. You may need to go into the menu in Audulus at the top and select “Install Audio Units” first. Then go into Logic and start Audulus from there where the Jam should already be working.
  • So I added Audulus as an effect in Logic. Added a mic, a variety of math multiplier nodes, and a speaker. One of the blue cords from the mic started to flutter blue and purple but only when I cranked the gain all the way up on the jam. Still couldn't hear anything.

    Does it matter if my bass is passive? It seems like there's not enough signal for Audulus to pick it up.

    I have a steinberg interface that I will try and see if that makes a difference.

    Thanks again for your help with this.
  • So the Steinberg UR44 made the difference - at least with using Audulus as an effect in Logic X. Problem is that it's regularly quitting unexpectedly. Also, if I try to delete a node it deletes my whole track.

    Seems to be some kinks to work out with this.

    Still no luck using my bass alone within Audulus.