How to send MIDI from Audulus to another ios synth
  • How to send MIDI from Audulus to another ios synth
  • Midi out is the next feature they are going to add, as I understand it.
  • awesome, any timeline? will this be around the same time link is implemented? audulus could easily be the best all around music ios app with a few more small features (midi out & link) its going to be amazing to see the power of audulus once these small things are implemented. Crossing my fingers its only a few more months
  • Around the same time as Link? Yes, but Link might come sooner. I agree that Audulus could be the best, especially since you could replicate the functionality of most MIDI/CV apps within Audulus. Not sure how many months since Taylor is working on a couple new apps simultaneously with Audulus right now, but it will be during Audulus 3's lifecycle (i.e., you won't have to buy Audulus 4 to get MIDI out).
  • thanks excited for the future!

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