iPad slider input and trigger node limitation
  • I was attempting to build a slider sub-patch for use on the iPad as an alternative to the knob and discovered that you can only have one momentary trigger node active at a time. If one trigger node is held down and another touched at the same time, the first node stays active until either node is released and then the first node switches off. The second node is never activated. I was hoping to use a series of triggers to emulate a slider input, but it would appear that this is not possible given this behavior. The best I could come up with is a "touch" bar. Not as elegant as a slider but still functional. I would love to have a slider available as an alternative to the knob.
  • hah yeah there's no multitouch on iOS yet - that's something Taylor's working on. It's just funny cause I literally just posted about us adding a fader node like 2 seconds ago! Maybe you have some input to share there?

    Nice workaround though - that's kinda how a lot of sliders I've seen work on hardware like the KMI QuNeo and the Guitar Wing.

  • Great minds! With my temporary issue with the Mac, I've been playing with the iPad more, and I definitely think some type of fader control would be very useful on a touch screen.