help w supersaw
  • hi ! i'm new. i plan on building clones of a bunch of stuff eventually... but for now still just starting out.
    i was playing around with the supersaw patch (7even deadly saws) and it sort of stopped working... even in a fresh project, if i just connect keyboard -> 7ds -> speaker i get the same issue.
    i been taking the patch appart trying to figure it out... seems the problem is with the equation that detunes the different oscillators: Hz - (factor*detune) i think. or maybe the part the comes after, the exponential segment. no idea!
    anybody else have that problem?
    gonna try re-installing just in case.

    thank you!! yay

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  • ok well. im almost certain the issue is with the little segment that comes after the one i mentioned before. where the frequency is squared then multiplied by 440. dunno what the issue is yet though.
  • can you post the patch?
  • it's in the "create" node library. i'm on iOS; right under 2x2 mixer there is "7even deadly saws"

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  • on windows i found it at moduls>oscillator>VCO>7even deadly saws

    i tried it and it worked just fine
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    7even Deadly Saws.audulus
  • I just tried it on iOS and it works fine
  • "if i just connect keyboard -> 7ds -> speaker i get the same issue."

    This is the problem - you need the MIDI input module, which outputs a linear pitch signal (designated by "O"), not the keyboard node. See the attached patch - this is what you were looking for probably.
    Supersaw MIDI Keyboard Demo.audulus
  • oh shit, never got around to posting a THANK YOU. stuck a Hz20 in there and it's working great. thanks again

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  • @eskro - you're welcome! Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help out :)