Playing/recording with Audulus.
  • Hi,
    I'm working with Reaper. I have Audulus installed in the Reaper FX library.
    If I start a new project, & load Audulus, I'm not able to access any patches I have previously made in Audulus.
    How can I do this & also use a patch like a plugin instrument & record with it please?

  • Can you post a screencap of what it looks like in Reaper? It should have an "import" function there.
  • Ah! How unobservant of me.
    Got it!
    Thank you so much again Mark. Much appreciated.
  • No problem! And to get the MIDI to come in to play it as an instrument, just use the MIDI input module, or the Keyboard node. Let me know if you need any more help! :)
  • p.s.
    Sorry. Could I ask what code you are using in v.3.3 please?
  • You mean the code it's written in? C++
  • O.K. Great. Thanks again. :)