Waveform question
  • Quick question, why are there sometimes two traces on the waveform node for a mono signal? Is one of them employing some averaging or something? The example below is the output of the envelope follower node. The value node on the same signal still just shows a single number.

    Thanks :)
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  • The waveform node has a window of (I think) 5 seconds. When signals alternate too quickly for it to draw accurately, it just draws the top and bottom of the wave so you can see the average over time.

    Also are you still working on that adding dynamics to the envelope follower I made? There's an easy way to do that, and I actually meant to add it in but forgot. Basically you get a quick RMS average of the attack portion of the incoming signal and multiply the output of the envelope by that average. It will only resample the average when a new peak comes through.
  • Ah got it, thanks.

    Yep still working on that. I probably wont spend too much time on it in the next 2 days but I'll give that a try when I get a chance. Cheers :)