Getting back into Audulus
  • Hello FOlks
    I am just getting back into Audulus, been a supporter for a while. I got wind of some expert sleepers type stuff so i am hoping it is applicable to my ES40/ESX8CV/ESX8GT/ES7 setup. Which is a kind of old school ES8 [kinda]
    I would love to use Audulus on the ipad to control the ES40 setup. I have an AD 009 --it's an audio damage USB2in/2out that might work for some chaotic CV in.
  • Yeah there should be no problem - as long as that all is recognized as an audio interface for your device, it will be compatible. I just talk about the ES-8 a lot since it's the thing they're promoting now, too, and it works nicely with iOS. But all the new ADC/DAC nodes are is a way to access more than I/O 1&2. You could use the ES-8 (and any other interface) before, you just could only send 2 signals out and 2 signals back in.
  • Also, you can combine them into aggregate devices - eventually we'll have arbitrary I/O meaning you can have access to as many I/O as your computer can handle. 16 was just easy to do at first.

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