• HI All,
    Has anyone uploaded a patch for a really simple metronome?
    I have looked at ToyDivision's Bpm Clock, but I need something much more basic.
  • I think there's a metronome built into one of the user modules in the forum collection? Like maybe @N├Âmak's drum machine? Anyway if no one gets back to you with one by tomorrow, I'll make one for you and send it over :)
  • How kind, thank you. Do you ever sleep!? : )
  • @JackOats What do you think of the regular BPM Clock? It just makes a click sound.
  • It's terrific - like all the user patches in the collection, but it's way beyond my comprehension at the moment. I need some really simple 4 or 5 element circuits to help me on my learning curve with wonderful Audulus. If that's possible.

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