Changing OS
  • Hello, i'm going to move from Apple to Windows, i downloaded Audulus from the apple store,
    can i have a license for PC ? or do i have to re-buy it ?
  • In honor of your great contributions to Audulus (esp those drums that I love so much) just email me and I'll send you a Windows license. :)
  • Just curious, are you going to a surface device, @Nömak ?
  • wow, that's really nice of you @bminiroad !
    thank you so much

    i'm going to get a Thinkerpad, with a touchscreen option, JUST for Audulus !
    i'd love to stay on mac, but it's not worth the extra 3K to get almost the same amount of power
  • Before you do that, just know that Audulus isn't optimized for touchscreens - in other words, it won't work like the iPad app with pinch to zoom (unless that's a default gesture you can use with your hardware). Several people have gotten Windows copies expecting it to behave like the iPad version, and I just don't want you to be disappointed! It's still plenty workable, just maybe not in the way you're expecting.
  • Well, do you think that will be the case for V4 ? or not at all ?
    anyway i think touchscreens are fun, and i'm also a 2D/3D artist in my spare time
    so i'm sure i will find a way to make the most of it anyway ;)
  • @Nömak - not sure? It's up to Taylor I suppose. If you're into 3d art, you're going to love Taylor's new app for iPad Pro that he's making - it's optimized for use with the Apple Pencil too, and supposedly it's way better than some really expensive 3d modelling programs that are out there.
  • @Taylor used to work at Pixar, correct? A 3D app should be pretty interesting.
  • @biminiroad - something zbrush-like?
  • @RobertSyrett - yep, as far as I understand it, his non-compete is up - graphics are his specialty

    @Sansnom - yes, but like a million times better Taylor says - will "blow people away." If what Audulus did for iOS modular is any indication, I'm sure this new project will hit it out of the park as well.
  • "yes, but like a million times better"
    omg you got me really excited, is there a link or anything about it i can read ?

    like a link between his app and Audulus would be exactly what i visualise when i heard the word "Future"
  • OK, I will probably buy that pencil after all...
  • @Nömak - not yet, but they're close to announcing it.

    There won't be a link between that app and Audulus, but Taylor's working on a new music app that's going to be pretty revolutionary. I wish I could tell you about it but it's hush hush right now. There's literally nothing like it out there - it will also be cheaper than Audulus, too.

    @SansNom - yeah, the graphics stuff is a little over my head but supposedly it's the bomb with the pencil - you can still use it without it, just can't do as much cool stuff I guess.
  • "Taylor's working on a new music app that's going to be pretty revolutionary"
    " it will also be cheaper than Audulus, too."

    Oo are you guys about to replace Audulus with something else ?

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