Bass Clarinet and Audulus
  • Trying a shure beta 98h/c mic on my bass clarinet to see if I could process it in Audulus to sound "Dub-steppy". Unfortunately the camera mostly picked up the unprocessed sound, but you can hear some sequenced pitch shifting in the first half, then kicking in an octaving effect with the expression pedals. For what it's worth, this was a lot easier on my rig using 3.4's multi-channel feature, this mic was coming in input 6 of a motu 896:
  • That's pretty amazing. Feel free to post your patch along with the video, I would love to see what's going on in the Audulus side of things.
  • Yes patch please!!! Very cool vid :) I love Bass Clarinet
  • Neat! I would love to see the patch.
  • Thanks! Heh, the patch is a mess, but okay. It's tied mostly to midi CC14 which switches between which sequencer is used to pitch shift the mic input, and CC1/CC9 which add in a pitch shifted and filtered version of the original. As tangled up as this is I think the main take away is that mixing pitched shifted (one octave up and one octave down) versions of a bass clarinet sounds pretty massive. CC9 both crossfades in the pitch shifted version and spread the shift from neutral to octave up/down.