Error message
  • Hi All,

    Just started a new project yesterday & saved it in Audulus_files last night.

    This morning, when I try to open the file I get the error message: "The document.........could not be opened."

    Is there anything I can do to access the file, please?

    Many thanks.

    p.s. Oh! I'm working on an iMac. To enter a patch I double click on it.
    Is there a shortcut to exit, please, other than clicking View/Exit sub patch? Thanks again. :D
  • Hey there! Can we talk about this over We like to keep the forum focused on how to use Audulus, not how to debug it :) Not a big deal, it just clutters up the forum for people trying to check out patches. Thanks!
  • Escape key works to exit patch btw
  • Oh! O.K. Sorry. Didn't know it was a bug.

    Will send to Support.


    (Esc doesn't seem to work on my keyboard - but E does! I learn something new everyday) :)
  • I do beg your pardon. Escape key didn't work 'cos I was in v.2 :[

    It does work in V.3 of course.
  • lol no problem! And I think I just solved your problem opening the document - you tried to open a v2 patch in v3, or a v3 in v2, right? v2 was written in Lua, an interpreted language, and v3 is written in C++. Taylor tried really hard to make them cross compatible but couldn't. I think I already emailed you but in case you need help rebuilding something you made in v2, let me know! This won't happen again from v3 to v4.