Mordax DATA + Audulus
  • Anyone here have a Mordax DATA? If not I really suggest getting one. They're amazing utilities and great for examining what's going on in your Audulus patches, especially filters and oscillators. I'm diving in to making an XY Lissajous figure patch and will be posting it here - until we get fast drawing scopes in Audulus (someday! possibly with shader support...) this module an awesome asset. I have a few for sale at and if you buy from us there, I'll give you an extra free license for Audulus for you on a different platform or a friend!
  • It's on my checklist after a new case. I am looking for an in-case oscope and the more I learn about DATA the better it seems.
  • It's certainly a beautiful module!
  • Dude! Send me that xy patch so I can try it out on my tektronix 453 oscope.
  • How deep is Data? like where can i see photos of the PCB board?
  • @robertsyrett its very skiff friendly!
  • ooooh crap I just realized you can use the 2x spline nodes to draw the fun really begins!

    @robertsyrett would love to see how this looks on your analog scope!
    Audulus-DATA Visualizer XY.audulus
  • No problem... Just one thing, I have no clue how to get the tektronix 453 to do xy mode. I'll work on it a little bit right now and then, if I am not successful, then later this evening.

    edit: I think I might need one more cord. The Long and short of it is that 50-year old oscilloscopes are pretty arcane.
    Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.52.27 PM.png
    823 x 813 - 267K
  • Alright, I have to know when I am beat. This thing is kind of mysterious. There is a knob which has three modes and I'm unsure what it does.image

    I am pretty sure I need to understand how this knob pertains to oscilloscopes before I can get x-y mode to work.
    Still, if anyone can help out with the configuration that allows for x-y drawing at 400 hz, let me know :|

    Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.55.36 PM.png
    1375 x 722 - 576K
    Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.48.38 PM.png
    1344 x 870 - 533K
  • Hi Robert,
    Brings back memories of my last Tektronix scope. Sure wish I hadn't got rid of it. I believe what you need is to set the Horiz Display to Ext Horiz, trigger mode set to channel 1 only and apply the "x" signal to channel 1 and the "y" signal to channel 2. See page 1-1 in the manual at:
  • Lol, i finally looked at the patch more closely and stepped away from the oscilloscope and figured out it wasn't an XY piece at all, but rather the waveform reads, "Audulus Data," written in the spline node.

    @stschoen, Thank you! I have given up for today, but I will take it up again tomorrow, as now I want to make some proper lissajous patterns.
  • @Biminiroad Is Todd Barton your alias when you sell stuff as Century Sound Labs?
  • @RobertSyrett - thanks for your order! Todd Barton? lol where'd you get that? There's Todd Kelley, who runs Endangered Audio and his name is on the CSL store as well.
  • Lol, Todd Barton does Buchla patches on Youtube. Total freudian slip :P
  • @RobertSyrett - You wanted faster shipping but you didn't specify how quickly you needed it. Responding here cause maybe you don't have your Reverb notifications turned on. Let me know by tomorrow morning and we'll have it out then. We'll settle up the extra shipping through Paypal or something.
  • @biminiroad ok, I replied on Reverb.