Audulus 2.x Missing IAPs, won't restore
  • I own Audulus 2.x and bought all the IAPs for iOS and Mac. Today i booted up Audulus on my iPhone (first time in a while) and for some reason I'm missing all the IAPs... i tried to Restore but it doesn't work... it's like it thinks I never bought the IAPs but I definitely did.

    I also noticed there's no upgrade option for Audulus 3 and it'll cost me another $20 on iOS and $50 on mac.... pretty bummed about that... i thought buying all the IAPs would help support future development, but now it's a whole new app I have to buy again...
  • I'll sling you copies to upgrade and join the 3 party - We have to keep asking money for big versions, just like Ableton and Protools does with their software upgrades. Also, Audulus was 50% off when it first came out as an "upgrade" path for people. But just email me and I'll get you set up with 3.
  • email sent, thx