The Nebuchadnezzar Synthesizer
  • I'll replace this soon with an in-depth explanation of controls, as well as a more non-Eurorack friendly version, but here's a preview of what's going down at Moogfest.

    Note: This patch will probably only run properly on a computer.

    The Nebuchadnezzar Synthesizer.png
    1920 x 1080 - 741K
    The Nebuchadnezzar Synthesizer v1.0 - NO ES-8 REQUIRED.audulus
    The Nebuchadnezzar Synthesizer v1.0.audulus
  • Well named :)
  • Haha, yeah, great name! I will definitely be playing with this tonight.
  • thank you :)
  • What a beast. Have fun @Moogfest.