Harmonaig chord generator
  • Saw this on Reddit today


    This is such a neat idea! I have zippy experience with physical modular gear, Audulus is actually kind of my first introduction to the sort of ... not even sure how to describe it, but ... I guess the best way to put it is "the pure theoretical esssence of sound". Which is to say modular stuff, and by extension Audulus tends to exist outside the framework of traditional music theory. Which is cool, but also tends to make my Audulus creations completely unusable for the perspective of anything but pure sound design.

    This module offers a neat way of gently harnessing music theory to the modular sound design framework. I'm definitely going to try to build something like this in Audulus ... not a proper clone by any means, but thought y'all might would be interested in it too.
  • @plurgid I happened to see the same video today and thought the same thing. The interface could almost be duplicated 1 for 1 because of the lack of LED, but the keyboard is pretty multi-functional. So the Audulus version would have to be larger. That being said it has enough functionality to be 2 or maybe even 3 Audulus modules.

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