Is Audulus Linux version stand alone only?
  • I can only get Audulus to work in my Ubuntu Studio 17.04 Linux OS to work as stand alone application. Is it a stand alone application for Linux version? I'm using Tracktion DAW and I scanned for new VST but it cannot recognize Audulus as a VST plugin. I have all my VSTs in a VST folder in my documents folder as my file directory and I have saved that file directory in my Tracktion DAW's VST file directory to scan VSTs every time I boot Tracktion. I have 3 sound drivers in my OS Pulse Audio,Alsa,and Jack Audion Connection. When I open Audulus as stand alone application I can only sellect Pulse Audion sound driver,and it can only see that driver. It would be nice if audulus could see my Jack Audio Connection sound driver,this way I can send audio and midi over to my Tracktion DAW while using Audulus as a external and stand alone musical instrument. Maybe the only way to record audio into my DAW is to place my microphone in front of my studio monitor speakers and record and audio stem that way.