• created a while ago

    8x VCA/Mixer
    1021 x 761 - 98K
    1021 x 765 - 123K
    1019 x 765 - 93K
  • I like the Moog quote also, but I'm more confused about how this is intended to be used. Do you have an example patch?
  • @RobertSyrett - here is an example patch

    if you dont need 8 vca´s you can just delete some of them :D
    I just thought i could use a mixer/vca for lfos, oscs etc... so i did this one :)
  • Is the patch missing here?
  • @biminiroad - yep.. looks like it got lost, dont know what happend :)
    here is the it again..
  • @Phal_anx thank you! Just wanted to include this in the user patches for the forum :)

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