Variable Envelope w/ BOC and EOC triggers
  • I think you'll find this patch very useful - I like it more than the current envelope module.

    ADSR - envelope controls
    shape - fades between linear and exponential. Automatically compensates the level of the sustain control.
    max - adjusts the maximum time for each ADR period - .05s to 60s

    Also includes beginning of cycle (BOC) and end of cycle (EOC) triggers beneath each ADSR control.

    BOCs last for the duration (beginning to end) of each ADSR period.

    EOCs are 10ms pulses at the end of each ADSR period.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.23.18 PM.png
    476 x 464 - 96K
    Variable Envelope.audulus
  • Cool! This is much more internally elegant than the dual function generator i was working on. Thank you for this useful bit of kit.
  • Copying this straight to my custom folder :)
  • Nice patch, thanks. I'm also working on an envelope patch, I'll try to release it soon.
  • Noice!
  • I did a Quad Envelope patch some time ago... maybe someone of you finds it useful ;)
    With EOA, EOD, EOR + Inverted Output

    Quad Envelope.audulus
    1021 x 747 - 89K