Harmonic Blade VCO
  • This is a part of the Moogfest demo synth I'm making, but it's a pretty fat oscillator by itself - thought you'd enjoy!


    wave - Morphs between square (left) and saw (right)
    sub - Adds in a octave-down triangle. Automatically compensates for volume as it mixes in.
    PWM - Controls the shape of the square and saw oscillators. The square oscillator is maxed out at 90% duty cycle so it doesn't turn all the way off.
    det - Detunes square and saw oscillators, pushing the square sharp and the saw flat. Sub wave is unaffected.
    vib - Controls vibrato depth, fixed at 6Hz.
    drive - Fades between no hypertangent drive and x100.

    Suggested settings:

    Add triangle LFO sweep to PWM to give the oscillator motion.
    Just barely turn up the detune control to get a slow sweeping phasing sound.
    Dial in the balance of square and saw you like, then add sub until it's just thick enough.
    Vibrato is less apparent if you're modulating the PWM or have the detune cranked.

    1st patch is the oscillator by itself
    2nd patch is MIDI keyboard or plugin-ready
    3rd patch is a self-playing sequence
    Harmonic Blade VCO.audulus
    Harmonic Blade MIDI Input.audulus
    Harmonic Blade Sequencer.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.30.17 AM.png
    1164 x 1029 - 154K
  • @biminiroad - Thanks for sharing! it sounds very nice. I m just wondering why you didnt use the filter modul by SansNom :D
  • @Phal_anx - oh I just quickly subbed out the oscillator for one of the presets I had on hand :) I'll be using @SansNom's in the Moogfest demo patch though!

    And thanks! :)
  • @phal_anx I just read your comment after opening up the patch and thinking the exact same thing. I must say, it sounds pretty good with both the moog and korg filters:)

    @biminiroad I'm just curious how you arrived at 6Hz as the optimal vibrato rate. I like it, but I've not seen that before.
  • @RobertSyrett - 6Hz is the average vibrato for violin/voice that people classically shoot for. I wanted to keep the interface simple for people just walking up to the display, so just figured meh stick a speed there and call it a day. You can of course change it internally if ya want :)
  • Makes sense. Are you going to bring a midi bluetooth controller so people can turn a physical knob or do you want them to finger your surfaces?
  • @RobertSyrett I don't have a controller like that, was thinking just mouse, or maybe Taylor has one. All I have is a QuNexus...
  • I recommend the Korg NanoKEY studio. It can be battery powered for a long time and is bluetooth enabled so I can still use it while the ipad is plugged into the ES-8. Even if you don't use it for this show, I must say it's a real winner for versatility and portability.

    That being said, I have been thinking about getting a QuNexus for the poly aftertouch. Gotta love that Keith McMillen Instrument design. When Audulus can unpack incoming midi cc (I really hope that's part of the midi upgrade) there are so many ways you could use that feature.

  • @RobertSyrett - yeah that thing looks awesome - I'm using my computer to show off the patches though so people can see it in a round trip workflow, plus the huge monitor helps get people's attention. I'll definitely keep that one in my mind for a future purchase though - I just asked a friend to borrow his keyboard with knobs and he said I could, so thanks for the idea :)