Custom oscillator question
  • Why doesn't making a spline that looks like two cycles of a sawtooth wave create a pitch that is twice the the Hz you send to it?
  • Can you upload an example patch?
  • Never mind; I just answered my own question. It does actually make the pitch an octave up, but if you're not precise enough with the spline it might not sound like it. Sorry!
  • Does the toggle mode on a trigger not work if the trigger is set to a midi note?
  • Correct - this is a known bug. You can put a flipflop after the button to force it to latch though.
  • What is a flipflop?
  • It's included in the library under "math," but I've also attached a patch here that shows you what I mean
    Flip-Flop Demo.audulus
  • Have you figured out why the bug exists? It might have something to do with the fact that each keypress on a midi controller sends both a "note on" and "note off" message.
  • I don't doubt that's why, but that's Taylor's domain. Some bugs are real quick fixes while others take a while. It was probably just an oversight since it's evidently been there since the beginning of the node. Good thinking though! I'll add that to the notes :)
  • BTW the spline is good for custom oscillators but so is the Mapper - you can even string them together, like I did in this patch attached (very in-progress)

    Systeme 100d.audulus
  • What exactly does this beast do?