Sequencing question
  • How do you play or trigger a sequencer via your MIDI? I can play it with a clock automatically. But not with my MIDI like a arpeggiator does or my other synths sequencers????
  • I guess you set it up so that the gate from the midi keyboard is activating the clock that runs the sequence. Do I understand you correctly? Would you mind posting a patch?
  • To pipe a clock into the plugin from a DAW, enter 1/8th notes in the piano roll spaced 1/4 note apart. You need on/off time for the clock to work. That will give you a 1/4 note pulse. Doesn't matter what note they're playing since you're just going to funnel off the gate.
  • Yes I'm basically trying to get the MIDI keyboard to activate the clock thus bring able to play the sequence ... is that how I don it or how do I do it?
  • I think I might need a little more info - do you want to use a keyboard key as an on/off switch? In that case, you'd use a flip-flop (attached, but in the library as well). You can use the low/high signal from the gate to start/stop the clock by attaching it to the bottom control, like the other patch attached.

    You can also assign MIDI controls directly to knobs and buttons by right clicking them and pairing them with your MIDI triggers/knobs.
    on-off sequencer.audulus
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    PseudoArp PolyPattern.audulus