Tuning issues on iPhone 6s
  • Is anyone else experiencing this? When I use the iPhone's built in speakers, everything is off by about 50 cents. When I use the 3.5mm output, it is perfect.
  • Are you using Audulus with another app that might be forcing it into a higher sample rate? Audulus only works at 44.1k right now, but if it goes to 48k, it might cause that detuning.
  • BTW, these reports in general should go to support@audulus.com, not on the forum - we like to keep the forum about using Audulus, not troubleshooting it, especially since most people on the forum wouldn't be able to do anything to help other than maybe confirm that it's happening for them.
  • Okay thanks; the 6s default is likely the cause since it doesn't matter whether I have other apps running. I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this, as I emailed support a while back. I don't really need this fixed, since I usually plug into an amp, but it gets annoying sometimes.
  • You already emailed? Sorry! I got caught up on emails and then they just kept coming lol. We'll look into this thanks for giving me a reminder.

    If you multiply your Hz values by (44.1/48) that should fix the tuning.
  • Taylor responded a few weeks ago; I was just wondering how it was going.
  • I'll probably make a module with a trigger that toggles that Hz multiplication so I can turn it on and off depending on which sound output I'm using. Thanks!
  • I'm still getting used to the logic of Audulus; how could I optimize this?
    Hz correction.audulus
  • Rad! Thanks :) Let me know if there's anything else ya need
  • I think I figured out a way to attach modules from a phone. Did it work (my last post)?
  • Yes! And that's about as dead simple as it gets. You could use a Crossfade node instead since there's only two options, but a Mux works fine and I don't think there's any CPU time difference.
  • Cool, thanks!