Variable storage
  • Is it possible to store values? Say for example I want to count the number of times a trigger is pressed. How would one go about doing this?
  • Absolutely! There's a counter module (attached, but also in the built-in library). You use a sample & hold in a feedback configuration. There are other counters people have made that count up/down, down, and semi-randomly.

    What are you trying to build exactly? This tutorial might be of use:

    ^ Counter.audulus
  • This tutorial will also give you some insight into the order of operations necessary to create counters and other feedback configurations with Sample & Hold nodes.

    Let me know if you have any follow up questions! :)
  • Thanks for the quick response! This is exactly what I need.
  • @SynthEnthusiast - no prob! So what are you building? Don't keep us in the dark! :)
  • I use audulus for a lot of live performance. I'm playing a song in which I need the Audulus synth (which is layered over a normal keyboard sound) to turn off when I hit a certain note in the melody. However, I need it to stay off even when I play that note multiple times, so a simple trigger wouldn't work. So, I need it to stay off when the number of times I hit that note is greater than it equal to 1.
  • oooh cool, would love to see what form this takes when you've finished it! Let me know if you need any help building it :)
  • Thanks. Would there be any other ways to do this? It's a snarky puppy song, so I'm trying to cover the parts of at least three keyboard players.
  • Perhaps? If you upload what you have already, I'll take a look at it and see if it can be simplified in some way.
  • I haven't started adapting it with the counter yet. Once I do I'll upload it. Thanks!
  • An unrelated question: will Audulus 4 be another purchase even if we have Audulus 3?
  • @SynthEnthusiast - yes. You get all Audulus 3 updates for free (there have been many!), and Audulus 4 patches that don't use new nodes will be backwards compatible, but Audulus 4 is a separate purchase. Think of it like how you get Ableton Live 9.x upgrades for free, but you expect to pay to upgrade to Live 10. If we didn't charge for the big updates, we couldn't make any money in the long term doing this. The stuff we add to 4 will be well worth the upgrade though! Also, we usually have it on deep sale the first few days it's out, then a reduced price for a while, before finally settling at the normal price.
  • Okay, thanks. When do you think it will come out?
  • Probably December/early next year. A new big version comes out once every 1-1.5 years.