Evolving, probability driven percussion sequence
  • So, my first patch was a drone. (I wonder how many first patches are drones.)

    While that was very fun to play with, I realize that it's of limited musical value. However, running the drone through Borderlands Granular I realized that is can also be used for some nice, evolving percussion sounds.

    So, on to patch number two. An evolving, probability driven percussion sequence!

    Short description of the structure:
    To the bottom left we have the drone system, with 5 sine oscillators modulating each other. Also, each oscillator has dual LFOs.
    These droning oscillators then feed 4 probability driven percussive gates (to the right), with controls for decay time and variance (in volume between hits).
    The probablity for a hit is controlled by 16-steps sequencers (on top). The gates and the sequencers are currently run by the same clock signal, but the output from the sequencers control the chance that a trigger will actually result in a sound. Each gate can mix up to 3 signals from the oscillators, and some use multiplied (ring-modulated) signals as well.
    Everything then goes to an output mixer, where the drone sound can be mixed in as well. Playing with the drone modulation, and connecting some of the sequencer signals to parameters of the drone, creates some interesting rythms.

    I thought I would have to implement a look-ahead in the sequencers, since the probability is evaluated on each trigger, maybe before the sequence has advanced. But it turned out I didn't need to. But that's why the extra output is there. Still wondering why it works though. :-)

    Next step would be to create a nicer interface for it all, and exchange the clock with an incoming midi-clock perhaps.

    Being a beginner, I would be grateful for any comments regarding this. Would you have done this in a different way? What features would you like to see?
    FM drone percussion.audulus
  • This is really good!
  • Thanks! Glad you like it. I've been working on a more performance oriented version, with less clutter. Coming soon. :-)
  • Ok. Next version. Drone oscillators to the left. Sequencers and gates to the right. Light weight mixer on top. In the middle are some multipliers and room for patching. Fits perfectly on the screen of my iPad Air 2.
    I've added outputs for the envelope signal and the mixer output from the sequencers/gates. The mixer output can be used for making drones instead of percussion. The multipliers can be used as VCAs with the p output from a sequencer. Just use your imagination.
    It comes pre-patched, but I recommend unpatching everything in the patch field, connecting some oscillators to a sub-mixer, and start with a drone. You might also want to turn down FM when starting. Then turn it into percussion when you have found something nice evolving.
    FM percussion performance 2 .audulus
  • This is badass! Thanks for sharing :)
  • amazing!