Skittles - Tempo Sync Step Sequencer Filter Bank thing
  • Man, these new moog clone filters y'all have been posting sound great!
    I built a really basic sort modular step sequencer thing built around a counter, then used it to sequence an envelope on the SansNom zero delay moog filter ... also fed that through another sequenced ADSR into the lagomoph "fairly serious reverb", and it just sounds fantastic!

    Lots of other stuff going on in this patch, have a look if you're interested. Everything is Audulus except the electric guitar straight out of the fuzz pedal!

    Lately Audulus reminds me of playing with legos when I was a kid ... it's that same sort of aimless fun ... you're never done with anything, you just take it apart and make something new :-)
    Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.41.25 PM.png
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  • Beautiful!
  • This is awesome!!! Moog just did a UAD release of a sequenced filter thing: