My first patch: An Auto Generative 4 Part Drone Machine
  • Hi everyone! I was told about Audulus Wednesday evening and bought it the next morning because I was so intrigued and thought it would be a good thing to keep me away from modular. I spent about an hour with the tutorial patches, and then had about 3 hours building the foundation of this patch. I did a few more upgrades this morning and am really satisfied with the results.

    The patch has 4 voices all of which are randomly triggered by their own individual clocks and randomization chance. They all play in dm or F, so whatever comes out is in key. Each voice has:

    2 oscillators (with the first having octave and waveform settings, and the second having it's own level, detune, waveform and octave settings that are actually relative to the first osc)

    1 Low Pass Filter

    1 LFO (speed, waveform, and filter/pitch intensity settings)

    3 Envelopes (Amp, Filter, and LFO levels)

    The LFO and Amp have what I am calling Latch Levels. These allow you to pretty much set a minimum level that the envelopes will not go below so that you can make a sound that will drone on even if the envelopes are back to 0.

    The voices also have a "Gate" and "Hz" input that while intended for keyboard input, can be used with any kind of generator of these signals. As long as the Gate input is activated, the randomization is bypassed, but if you let go of the key and have the randomization still turned up above 0, then it will take over when it decides to randomly play again.

    In addition, there is a mixer section with an overall level meter, per voice sample rate reduction, and fx sends that go to a delay and reverb.

    I am really liking the workflow and possibilities of this app so far!!!

    Edit: Sorry for the messy looking insides, I was making this as an experiment for learning the app and wasn't really focused on keeping it clean hahaha.
    Auto Generative Drone Machine.audulus
  • very nice! keep it up!