ADC-DAC nodes for connecting to Modular Synths (in Beta)
  • It seems like the ADC-DAC nodes are inside at least the desktop versions of Audulus, but just hidden. You might be able to use this patch attached below.

    The way the ADC-DAC nodes work right now is not ideal and will be revised.

    Currently, you can only access audio in/outs 1-16. If you're using an ES-8, that shows up as 16 outs because you can add an 8 output expander for gates over lightpipe. This sucks up all the 16 outputs of Audulus, and unless you can send your audio out of 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo) ES-8 outputs into another audio interface (I use a UAD Apollo), this will not be useful to you.

    So bascially you need two interfaces: 1 for Audulus Standalone app and 1 for recording into a DAW. The system audio must be set to the Audulus interface, while you'll have to change the I/O inside your DAW to the other interface.

    If this is confusing, just ask questions below. This is *not* what the final form of this ADC-DAC node pair will take, but for those who have modulars and can't wait to dive into using Audulus with them, this may hold you over for the time being.

    @demcanulty - this answers some of the questions you had from an email
  • Awesome, thanks Mark! I am successfully using this with my MOTU Ultralite, and happy to help to the extent that I can if anybody else has any issues.

    I had to remember to change both my input and output audio settings. I haven't succeeded yet using an aggregate audio device in macOS, but that's been no problem so far.
  • @demcanulty - good to hear! :) I'll let you know more about the update when it's available :)
  • Sadly it does not seem to work on the iPad with the ES-8 :(
  • @RobertSyrett - yeah I bet Taylor just hasn't put that code into the iOS version yet

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