No text appearing?
  • Hi, I just downloaded Audulus 3 for Windows, and there's a slight problem - no text is appearing on the modules. I can see that there's text when I run it on my Linux PC, but when I run it on Windows there's no text at all. My Graphics driver supports OpenGL 2.1, so I can't see that being an issue.

  • Just realised I forgot to attach the image. Thanks again.
    No Text.png
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  • @a3poify - did you try to reinstall it? i m using the windows version aswell and i have no issue.
  • Just reinstalled and still had the issue.
  • Hey @a3poify - thanks for downloading Audulus and signing up for the forum! Unfortunately, no one here on the forum can help you troubleshoot bugs like this - whenever you come across one, you should always write in to We like to keep the forum about how to use Audulus, not how to troubleshoot it, especially since problems like these might be more individual than universal :)
  • OK, will do!