FM drone machine
  • Ok, so this is my first patch in Audulus, but I think it turned out quite ok.
    It's 4 sine oscillators. Each one has one LFO modulating the pitch, and a second LFO controlling the amount of modulation from the adjecent oscillator. So the oscillators are modulating each other in a circle. So it can turn into noise if you're not careful. Apart from the four oscillators, four ringmodulated signals can be mixed at the output.
    Made a recording, noodling away (far to long) with the output also being fed into Borderlands Granular, which layers a rythmic part on top of the drone.
    Next step is to make it a dual drone machine, and to fix a GUI.
    FM drone.audulus
  • This is a really impressive first patch - love it! Have you downloaded the forum patch repository?

    You might find some more inspiration there.

    Thanks for sharing, and welcome to Audulus!
  • Thanks! I'll look into the repository. :-)