AMA on Reddit May 25th Starting at 9AM EST
  • Taylor and I will be doing an AMA at:

    on the 25th of May after we get back from Moogfest. It's a Thursday. Taylor will be in and out throughout the day, but I'll be there probably from 9am to 9pm.

    We'll be giving away some free Audulus codes while we're there as well :)
  • Awesome idea! I expect the forum to get a healthy boost of new people after that!
  • i never was on reddit :D does it make sense to join there? and what can be found on reddit?
  • @Phal_anx - it's definitely a time-suck! I wouldn't recommend it since you might get addicted :) But it's just like any of the FB synth groups or whatever - people posting pics of gear, gear talk posts, etc. (I assume you're talking about Reddit re: music tech and not Reddit as a whole).
  • @biminiroad - yea exactly.. def music tech related.. ok i will see ya guys then on reddit in may :D