Questions moving from iOS to desktop
  • I've been using Audulus on iOS for a while and just bought the desktop version. It seems a little less featured than the iOS version? That, or I just can't find stuff.

    Is there no visual module library? Just the menus? So I have to know what modules are actually called?

    There's no "add module" option. How should I go about this? Is it just a case of saving modules as patches and inserting them that way? Is there any way I can add modules I make to the module menu?

    Is there any syncing of modules saved on iOS over to desktop? All of the factory modules as well as modules I have saved are in the Modules folder on icloud but they don't show up in the module library on the desktop app. When I go to "Open Modules Folder" from the Audulus 3 menu it takes me to a folder on my hard drive which is empty.

  • It's exactly the same as the iOS version except it doesn't have an on-screen keyboard or a screen lock function.

    Everything is in the right-click menu. You don't need to know what the module is called, per se - just what it does. It takes a second to get used to the menu tree, but just explore it and you'll get used to it. It's not ideal, and in the future we're working on a better system where you can click the background and type and it narrows as you type, but this is how it is for now.

    If you go to Audulus -> Open Modules Folder you can create a folder there and put all your patches in it and you'll have an extra menu option on right-click.

    This extra library isn't synced, but you can turn on iCloud and sync in your iCloud. All of the modules you think you're missing are in the right-click menu :)
  • Ok, thanks. I'll see how I go getting used to it. I do like being able to see a picture of the module in the library on iOS. You get a bit more a feel for what it does from that. I hope that might come to the desktop eventually :)
  • It might, maybe in the search option thing we're talking about implementing (click on background, start typing, dynamic search - like Pd), but once you get used to where and what everything is, the pictures just end up taking menu space and slow you down while building. It's part of why I personally prefer building on the computer - really fast, especially with keyboard copy/paste stuff.

    In short, the UIs are different because on is touch and the other is mouse/keyboard - maybe for touch computers we can do some kind of iOS-like app. We'll see! Dunno how hard/easy that would be to just "import" into the desktop version.
  • I hadn't thought about keyboard copy/paste! Cool