Missing Menu Bar in Patch Browser in Adulus 3.3.13 on iPad -- cannot create new patches, etc.
  • Please see the attached pictures.

    In the second picture, I pulled down the patches in the browser to see if the menu is hiding above.

    According to the documentation http://docs.audulus.com/#the-ipadiphone-audulus-ui-at-a-glance and the tutorial video
    "Audulus iOS Tutorial 2: Navigating the Patch Browser",
    there should be a menu bar in the patch browser.
    2017-04-23 19.35.01.png
    2048 x 1536 - 457K
    2017-04-23 19.35.11.png
    2048 x 1536 - 336K
  • This is a known issue on iOS 9 - upgrading to 10 fixes it. Taylor has some other more pressing bugs that he's working on, but he'll fix this once that's done.
  • I understand. Wished I could afford an iDevice where Apple offers iOS 10. My iPad is locked at 9.

    But thanks for the answer, keep up the great work (Taylor and you, and the others on this forum), and I will just hope for a fix for iOS 9. :)
  • @Orafu, sorry about that one! I'll get a fix out.
  • I have this problem on my ipad 3 too. It will be SUPERB if you make a fix soon.
  • I dont have a menu bar on my New ipad 3 with the new updates for audulus. Thats very sad that i cant install earlier versions of this amazing App. Please give us a fix.
  • New version but still no menu bar

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