Audulus 3 on iPad 3 -- experiences
  • My iPad (3rd generation) is (almost) too slow to work with Audulus 3.

    Only some of the included patches make sounds on my iPad. Any patch that has a CPU reading above 100% does not make any sound. (It still looks nice to see it in action ... but that is probably not the point.)

    The patches that work for me are

    "1 - What Is Audulus" (CPU 3% and sound, when I turn the Volume up on the last example)
    "2 - Making Connections" (CPU ~ 43% and sound, when I turn the Volume up in some example)
    "3 - Bare Bones Sub Synth" (CPU ~ 33% and sound)
    "Cora" (CPU ~ 55% and sound, after I press the "Go" button)
    "Saw Swarm" (CPU ~ 21% and sound)
    "Scattering - Time Travels" (CPU ~ 54% and sound, after I press the "START" button)

    The seven other patches are doing something graphically, but there is no sound. The CPU reading is mostly between 115% and 165%, with "Frosted" around 265%.

    When I have other apps running in the background, the sound engine in Audulus may stop working completely (CPU reading at 0% in every patch). Outputs are not updated anymore, and no sound.

    This also happened sometimes after leaving the iPad alone for a while (with Audulus running in the foreground).

    When in the "CPU 0%" state, I tried restarting Audulus, and also re-installed it. Neither changed the "CPU 0%" and "no sound" state. Only stopping most of the background apps and then restarting Audulus helped.

    Now, this is not such a big surprise. My iPad (3rd generation, made in 2012) is between 5 and 15 times slower than an iPad Pro (models of 2016), depending on the benchmark. It also has only 1GB RAM, while current iPads have 2GB or 4GB.

    It would be nice, of course, if Audulus would work better on an iPad 3. But maybe this is only a problem for some of the Audulus modules. The "Bare Bones Sub Synth" patch is running at around 33%, and I believe that is fairly efficient, even though some of the non-modular iOS synths seem to require less CPU time for similar tasks, if I remember the CPU readings in AUM correctly.

    It would be helpful if the hardware requirements were made somewhat clearer in the app store. Something like

    ▶ Recommended hardware: 4th Generation iPad or later. iPhone 5 or later. Required for more complex patches.
  • If you'd like to change your iPad license for a computer one, I can help you with that. We wish Apple would allow us to bar people who have iPad 3's from downloading Audulus, but they won't.

    But honestly, even if we put hardware requirements way at the top (even though they're traditionally below feature lists), how many people would really read it?
  • Thanks a lot for the offer. But I cannot afford another Apple device, or a computer with current Windows at the moment.

    I understand that many people do not read the description of the app. Anyhow, I, knowing the limitations of my device, did read the description of the app. Actually of (almost) every app I buy.

    And it would help me understand that I can actually use the app (and I am having a great experience using it for specialized patches, to create special sounds), but that I will need to upgrade when I want to make more complex patches.