AaronMoog Ladder Filter
  • Hi all, here is my implementation of the Moog ladder filter. This one has a drive control as well resonance compression which adds some cool harmonics at different points. Does self oscillate.
    Based on models by Aaron Krajeski (2012) who's work was based on Huovilainen (2007) which was based on Stilson (2003), etc, etc.
    I think it sounds well fat. See what you think.
    All feedback and improvements welcome :)
    AaronMoog Ladder Filter v1.1.audulus
  • One thing to note, at high cutoff frequencies and resonances, you sometimes don't hear anything. You actually need to turn up the resonance compression at that point to get stuff still coming out.
  • And another one, very nice, will be giving this a workout later...
  • This is awesome thanks for sharing @zilch42!
  • Very interesting! I like the internal structure. It's really elucidating to see the expressions so succinctly implemented.
  • @RobertSyrett Thanks :)

    It's a bit of a funny filter. It behaves pretty normally under 8k but then above there gets a bit weird. I don't think there's anything I've done wrong, its inherent in the equations. There's a zero in the resonance equation at about 8k which requires that res comp knob. That said, as you a result you can get some really cool, dirty, glitchy type sounds out of it when you run it on the edge :P