Audiobus 3
  • Has anyone managed to get Audulus playing nicely with the midi routing in Audiobus 3?

    I'm struggling! For example, I can route midi directly into a patch from Fugue Machine using the Fugue Machine preferences, but linking them through the Audiobus patch system yields... nothing.

    Does anyone know if it is it supposed to work, or am I flogging a dead horse?
  • To show up in Audiobus 3 MIDI routing screen, an app must be updated to include Audiobus 3 MIDI support and since the SDK hasn't been available to developers yet it will take awhile for developers to do an update which includes this (including Audulus 3). So far now, yes you're flogging a dead horse.
  • Aaah. Thanks for letting me know. Strange that it appears in the midi destinations in audiobus, and lets me make the connection, though...
  • Yeah Taylor hasn't gotten around to this yet - we'll make an announcement when it's fully AB3 compatible.