Delay time?
  • Hi I'm very much the novice here, coming from the Reactor environment.. basically what I need to do is radically increase the delay time of the delay, I need a delay of up to a minute + so I can create a patch similar to the tape systems used by the likes of Brian Eno / Robert Fripp (et all)... The utility patch delay patch seams to have a max setting I can seam to override / adjust.. is what I'm suggesting impossible or am I going to have to build something from the ground up? If so I think I'm going to need some help / advise..... (all help will be credited BTW).... Thanks Mark
  • Hey MarkH,
    Don't know if it's iOS or Mac/PC but there is a sub-menu if you tap and hold on the time knob. Then you have the choice for the max value. Just enter the value you want.
  • Great! And just finished my first patch, set of four delays so I can overdub myself live on my iPad!
    THanks for the tip....
  • The max delay value is 20 seconds, so using 3 of them in series would create a minute of delay time. You have to create an external feedback loop like I had to for this analog delay:

    this way you could actually create as much loop time as you wanted

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