Modules listed in Modules Reference not in iOS app
  • Hi there!

    Am I missing something? I see modules like the Sine LFO ( listed in the documentation, but I can't find this at all in the iOS app.

    It sounds like just what I need to modulate the C input on a Crossfader, but I can't find it nor figure out how to get a normal plain Osc node to do the same thing.


  • @daveknapik - here is a simple sine lfo i made.. the ones you are looking for dont exist in the current modules list anymore... but you can find other lfos under -> modules/oscillator/LFO
    Sine LFO.audulus
  • the module on the iOS app would be called "basic." Or you can use the "BPM LFO" and just delete the BPM part.
  • Thanks everyone! Robert, I will investigate your advice and try it. Phal_anx - I downloaded the patch you so kindly provided and it totally did what I wanted. Thanks so much!!

    I just started using Audulus and I love it. I appreciate your help as I learn!
  • @daveknapik - glad you can use it. i m still a noobie myself :)

    let us know if you have further questions!