4-bit Computer
  • This is a pretty generic 4-bit computer. Instructions are 8 bits. Right (low order) 4 bits are op-code. Left (high order) 4 bits are immediate value, only used for some opcodes. The sample loaded program computes the first several Fibonacci terms (up to 987).
    The instruction set is shown in the upper left.
    4-bit computer.audulus
  • Lol, I remember when somebody did something similar in Little Big Planet where they built a calculator out of flip-flops virtual string and cardboard. I have to say the Audulus version seems less whimsical but definitely more educational :)

  • This is phenomenal @havarhino! Thanks so much for sharing :) I don't really understand it terribly well though - would you consider making a screen cap tutorial with it? You rock!
  • This is crazy!
  • This is just Righteous! I mean couldn't be any better!
  • Very impressive! Definitely food for thought.