Hold Sequencer
  • I'm working on a 808 style sequencer. Not sure if something like this has been made yet. I'm new to Audulus, so it's probably pretty rough. I've got some other versions with more features made, but I haven't ironed them out yet. Any veterans have any ideas on how to make this more efficient?

    * Updated to v002 - Fixed 0hz keyboard thump and removed some labels *
    Hold Seq.audulus
  • Pic:
    2048 x 1536 - 203K
  • Pic with notes added:
    2048 x 1536 - 286K
  • Looks great! You certainly have put the seq 16 node to good use in this patch. There are lots of fun sequencers here on the forum, I would encourage you to check them out.
  • Thanks man. I'll definetly check out the other sequencers and start pulling them apart. My brain is slowly starting to understand this new modular language. I will apply me learnings and slowly evolve this into something (hopefully) useful. Cheers.
  • v003
    - added individual step gate control
    Hold Seq.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 240K
  • v006 (floored)

    - keyboard display
    - bpm display
    - layout tweeks
    - floored gates to two decimal places
    - clock out added
    - removed gate button (sync problems)
    2048 x 1536 - 381K
    Hold Seq v006 (Floored).audulus
  • v006 (truncated)

    - knobs unindexed
    Hold Seq v006 (Truncated).audulus
  • Found a problem with v004. Replaced with v005.

    Any suggestions welcome. Want to add saving patterns next. Then maybe linking patterns.

    Also, if anyone has modded this I would like to see what you've done. Cheers.
  • Keyboard display should work fine now. Messed up when pulling the last version together. Updated to v006.
  • This is great, keep up the good work! You can eventually load it with 808 style synthesized drums too! :)
  • Thanks! I'm working on the 808 hats, but can't seem to get the filtering right. I'll upload what I got soon.

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