Best (Cheapest!) Modular Hardware coming from an electronics+audulus background
  • In watching the videos posted in this thread [1], I saw the Phenol[2] and thought it would be **perfect** for me to get started with modular synths, since from watching the video I can actually understand it, but its 780-850 bucks!! Do you guys know of anything similar but WAY cheaper? Even its it DIY?

  • here is one i saw the other day.. :D def not to compare with a phenol but could be fun aswell...

    or the o-coast by make noise..

  • The 0-Coast is currently the cheapest patchable desktop synth with serious playing power. I started with an 0-coast and it is still in most patches I make. No regrets with that synth. Bastl stuff is cute, but it's actually frustrating if you wanna play a melody in your head.

    I used to hate on the Roland 1-m for the green color, but honestly it's sound is amazing as is the tank-like build quality. It has so many ports and the synth can plop right into a eurorack case or a 19" standard studio rack without having to disassemble the enclosure. For every limitation or drawback there are 2 positives it has going for it. If I had it to do over again, I might start with the 1-m.

    That being said, the Phenol is super cool and has unique plugs and wonderful sound. The moog mother-32 should also make the list as it also has a hard time making a bad sound and is nearly as versatile as phenol and system 1-m with the amazing moog filter. Also worth looking at is the Pittsburgh SV-1, which has pretty much the same specs as the phenol, but is $100 cheaper and works with eurorack gear.

  • Hm the 1m looks cool, but I like the idea of being in control of all of the wires myself.
  • @diego898 I know the feeling...