Audulus Bug Alert - Please Standby for Fix
  • Right now, there is a pretty bad bug in Audulus that was introduced in trying to fix the other history bug.

    All you need to do to avoid encountering this bug at the moment is *do not rename output nodes*. This will cause Audulus to crash, the file will become corrupted, and you will not be able to open Audulus again on iOS until you remove the corrupted file (or reinstall Audulus).

    We have an expedited fix coming out for this in the next day or two, so don't worry we're on it! We're also closer to a fix for the other history bug.

    So again: for the time being, do not rename output nodes. I will post here again when the updated fix is live and people can download it!
  • yikes! This was happening when I was grouping nodes into patches. Should I be worried if I am using the desktop version?
  • Update now, this bug is fixed!

    @RobertSyrett - no, this was not a bug on the desktop version - unless you can elaborate more on what platform this was happening on: "This was happening when I was grouping nodes into patches"
  • I was grouping nodes on the desktop version and Audulus would crash. Then when it reopened, it would open the same patch and be frozen. I forced quit and restarted the computer and it seems fine. I read this post and thought the behavior might be correlated since new outputs with names other than "output" were created by the grouping of nodes. But thankfully it sounds like it was a less serious glitch.
  • Thanks for the super quick fix. All good again :)
  • @mmmcc666 thanks for bearing with us! :)

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