Downloaded patch and now Audulus is crashing.
  • I download this patch:

    Now Audulus crashes on my iPad Air 2. Running latest version. Crashes when the patch images are loading. Any way on salvaging my patches? I didn't save to the cloud.

  • Sorry this is happening - are you able to turn on iCloud quickly before it starts crashing? You might be able to do this and it will start syncing and sending your unsaved patches there.

    Taylor tells me you can also use iTunes file browser to get patches off your iPad.

    BTW - when you have a bug to report, can you send it to The forum isn't a place for bug reports - it's here for how to use Audulus. Also, when you're making the bug report to, can you email the patch that's causing the crash?
  • Sure. I'll email it and delete this thread. Cheers.

    (Edit: Whoops. Can't delete.)