Why don't we use the subreddit?
  • I'm new to Audulus and this community, and I think that they're both really great. I've asked some questions as they've arisen and really talented people have helped me enjoy Audulus a lot.

    It's kind of a pity that this great community is buried on this obscure forum. Meanwhile, the subreddit hasn't been touched in years. It seems like using the subreddit instead would make the community bigger, easier to find, more convenient for reddittors, more integrated with other subs (like r/modular), and lots of other reasons.

    If there some reason for this? Is it just because we can host files here? Is it easier for Audulus customer service to help us here?
  • The subreddit doesn't allow for easy filehosting, whereas this does - we're going to upgrade the way files are shared in the future so people will be less tied down to here. Also I don't know if the up/down voting mechanism in reddit would really help discussions, either?

    That said, I get what you're saying about the integration...it's something to think about.
  • Wow, that subreddit is a real time capsule.