Midi Automation
  • Hey Folks,
    I wanted to do an automation of different knobs in my DAW and noticed i cant use 2 different filters to modulate the filter freqs.. when i assign one filter cutoff it works nice... but i cant assign a 2nd one.. it will be attached to the first one... so it actually doesnt assign the knobs itself, instead it goes directly to the freq input on both at the same time...
    did someone try this already and can tell me how i could assign the knobs directly or is this still not possible?
    if you do not understand what i mean let me know i will try to explain it in a different way :) my english isnt the best.
  • My setup is a bit unusual, but this is how I do it.

    I've for got Audulus AU running inside the latest version of mainstage and set up to receive midi through the IAC bus.

    I'm using a way old copy of logic (guess I'm just stuck in my ways) ... inside that, I'll set up an external midi instrument pointing to the iac bus ... now I can automate / record midi messages and send them out to mainstage. It's a little cumbersome, but really flexible
  • @plurgid - thanks for your input :) i dont have a mac.. i m using win7 and there is no AU. but i found out that the problem lies in studio one... i found a way around it.. i just cant use certain parameters on my midi controller.. somehow audulus dont like them.. every other vst i use hasnt a problem with those controls.. anyway its solved!