How to record Audulus audio in GarageBand
  • I saw a post this morning by DavidColling about recording Audulus in GarageBand and thought that it should be simple. Add Audulus as a virtual instrument and record. Works fine in Reaper which is my DAW of choice. It turns out that GarageBand only records MIDI for virtual instruments.
    After thinking about the problem and doing a bit of research I've come up with another alternative which will allow you to record using GarageBand. There is a free utility called Soundflower that will create a virtual audio device for your Mac ( This allows you to route sound from the output of one application to the input of another. By using Soundflower I was able to open the Audulus app (not the plugin) and redirect its output to GarageBand. After installing Soundflower, go to system preferences/sound and choose Soundflower (2ch) as the system output device. Open GarageBand and in preferences/audio-midi set the input to Soundflower (2ch) and output to builtin output. Insert a new audio track and set its input to Soundflower (2ch) Open Audulus and load your patch. The output from Audulus should now appear as the input to the audio track in GarageBand. When you record, the audio from Audulus will be recorded. I tried it out this morning and it seems to work just fine. BTW the link I've posted is for a signed version of Soundflower which is required for current versions of macOS. You can use the same approach on iOS using Audiobus