Installing patches into Patch Browser from iCloud
  • When I tap on a forum patch [iPad], it will get installed into the Patch Browser. But, when I try to install a patch from iCloud, it does NOT stay in the Patch Browser. What do I have to do to make it stay in the Patch Browser? I'd like to be able to test out the patches from the Forum Patch Repository without having to resort to iCloud. Thank you.
  • I use dropbox to import patches. I open the dropbox app, go to export, open with audulus 3 and it saves the patch in the patch browser. Also there is a video on the audulus youtube demonstrating how to download directly from the website.
  • "But, when I try to install a patch from iCloud, it does NOT stay in the Patch Browser."

    Can you describe this more? Does it appear then disappear? Are you dropping the patch in your iCloud from your computer and wanting to open it on your iOS device?
  • "Are you dropping the patch in your iCloud from your computer and wanting to open it on your iOS device?" Yes! I'm doing as it was suggested. I created a folder labeled Audulus and placed the entire Forum Patch Repository into it on iCloud. When I use the "+" icon to open from iCloud Drive, I see 2 folders, both labeled Audulus. I don't remember creating 2 folders, just 1. I just checked on my computer and the 1 Audulus folder with the icon displaying the Audulus app logo doesn't have any patches in it, yet on my iPad it has about 18 items in it. The other Audulus folder without the Audulus app logo icon has 144 items in it, the Forum Patch Repository. It is THESE patches that will download, but NOT stay in the Patch Browser. I can play with them, modify them, but when I tap the Patch Browser icon to exit the patch, it is no longer in the Patch Browser. If I take the time to hunt down on the Forum where this patch is, and download it from there, then it stays in the Patch Browser.

    I did as RobertSyrett suggested, and that "does" work, but then I have to copy the 144 patches into Dropbox. No big deal, just a different way of having to do it, BUT NOT within Audulus itself as I would with iCloud. I then have to have Dropbox opened to Import patches. A roundabout way of doing it.

    I watched Tim Webbs tutorial on creating a drone [Part 2] sound from Youtube and liked what he did, so now I'm more encouraged to dig into this Reaktor-like app. I can see the incredible potential of this app! I can also see the frustration you're going to have with dealing with Apple.

    I have read multiple threads on problematic situations with Audulus. You're going to need a much better folder organization method as more and more people buy this. As more and more patches get created. They expect a nice and neat way of finding patches, categories, uploading/downloading. Good luck! I will support you as much as I can. There is a LOT here to study and enjoy and experiment. As Jordan Rudess stated, "a tweakers dream".
  • @senji I like your style!
  • agreed with @senji on a better patch management system! Perhaps a centralized, version controlled patch storage system accessible from within the app itself where patch authors can tag their patches, give version numbers, users can rate them, etc.

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