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  • Share your music here Audulus and non-Audulus alike! Please only active forum users who have posted patches or commented on others' posts.

    I'll start:

    Here's an album I wrote with a friend of mine who passed away recently:

    ...And this one is a split EP I did with my friend's band that lives in Taiwan! I mixed and co-produced their side, and my side (the last song) I wrote a few years ago.

    ...And this is one I wrote and recorded completely on my iPhone:

    What about you? SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
  • here is my soundcloud profil... songs are made mostly without audulus...

    my latest EP can be downloaded here:
  • @robertsyrett - very nice! I love how atmospheric your stuff is. Those pads are fat as hell. Add some robot singing voice on it and it's almost Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith!

    Did you make the drawing that's in the background too? If you did it looks like you used FireAlpaca?

    @Phal_anx - your stuff is BANGIN'! Lots of energy and mixed very nicely. You know you're serious about tempo when you label everything and it's all 180BPM and above. What synths did you use for this EP? The staccato filters sound great. I bet you <3 Squarepusher too, no?
  • @biminiroad - thanks :) i absolutly love music (mostly (psy)trance) between 168 - 200bpm :D this is what gets me moving on the dancefloor haha...
    I mostly use KarmaFX and VAZ Modular to create my kicks,lead and fx sounds... and the bass is created with steinbergs VB1 ;)
    I didnt know who squarepusher is... googled it... nice sound :D
  • @Phal_anx - very cool! :) I just love that it's both repetitive/trancey but also has a lot of variation going on to keep you sucked in. Love the bass/pad thing in In This (Uni)Verse. What DAW do you use?
  • @biminiroad - I use Presonus Studio One v2... i still didnt upgrade to v3 haha... but i dont need to fancy things which are in v3.. with this DAW i have almost no latency with my mixer which is also from presonus
  • This is an animation I made for an Audulus patch I did a while back - it's just a translucent oval resized, translated, & spun over and over again.

  • Good tunes! I posted a patch before... may I join this conversation? All my music on bandcamp so far has been made entirely on my iPhone. Not that I don't love hardware, I'm just poor ;-/

  • I don't post here very often anymore, but I'm often dropping by to glean info.

    Here's my nonsense. 95% done on iOS until the last few releases, where I've gone back to a PC.
  • Just got Audulus and was patching some modules together. Very happy with the result and great for learning modular. I Paired it with some hardware and jammed away. Audulus is awesome! Here is a little extract from my jam...

    On this track all the bass and drums were made using generative Audulus patches from the ipad interacting with the modular either with cv and gate or just making the sound to be processed out in modular land. Then my friend Gabriel Gilder improvised some melodies on top using a yamaha portasound mini keyboard.
  • Biminiroad, is the "Everything's Rosy" patch from the above video available in the repository?
  • @Zjenji - unfortunately no - that's an old Audulus 2 patch and it's lost to time :/

    @RobertSyrett - love it! Nice tones - like the glass bells

    @Yloopz holy crap that sounds amazing!!!