Been experimenting with drums...
  • After a bit of work making a low end "drum mule" (still looking for other drum techniques like making a 909). Experimenting with a part of the octocontroller time div/offset bit, also the relics of 2 sequencers I combined and took apart again cos it just wasn't right, so not fully functional.
  • Wow, I really like that. It's a mellow groove with crisp clean tones and it's well mixed. Impressive!
  • :D Thanks. ...The metro with some probability makes for a nice bass line
  • Drum donkey is super nice! It's definitely going into the percussion folder.
  • Ye, I used your overdrive, probably lots of other bits of yours, but I haven't looked at wave folding quite yet but it would be good to to replace the wave shaper in there, try different ones. The wave shaper provides the tone for the whole unit really.

    ...How do you get rid of history in the windows version? I'll post a patch but it's unusually big. I'll add it, but it's 25MB
    Drum Donkey.audulus
  • @RobertSyrett I haven't got the Octocontroller time divs and offsets right yet, I've looked at your methods working but because I'm new to this, I find it overwhelming and difficult to follow and conceptualize how to implement it but I'm getting better so hopefully soon, I'm looking to make some progress...
  • @Jimbo - i m also a windows user... we dont have this feature... what i do is to create a blank project and insert the patch, save it under a slightly different name and delete the old one... so i have a smaller file size as there is no history in the new patch... i already wrote taylor that i really look forward to see this and also the open modul folder option soonish in the windows version... sadly i didnt get a reply :(
    i also recommended him to include an in-app update solution for all OS version...
  • Ok thanks, here it is then, The Octocontroller bit is working in it now, I think it's ok.
    Drum Donkey.audulus
  • Got it this time i hope. Some days thinking audulus is not easy.
  • The convenient combination of the LFO sequencer and the euclidean rhythm makes this hours of fun.
  • It's good to get to this stage, can start to look in to ratcheting now... This is getting processor intensive tho. Are there better techniques or ways to bring the cpu down? ...on to the ratcheting vids...
  • Really great patches, Jimbo.