Free Audulus Codes for Frequent Forum Users
  • To reward you for checking back in on the forum regularly, I'll post free Audulus codes here from time to time for Mac and iOS.

    Protip: To increase your chances of getting a code, make sure you have forum email notifications turned on!

    Here's the first one - please comment when you've claimed it! Also please comment if it's claimed by someone else and they forgot to comment.

    Mac: --REDEEMED--
  • interesting strategy...
  • it says the code has already been redeemed (not by me)
  • i think its a nice idea but you should consider to send this in a private msg instead of posting it here.. pick random someone who is active in the forum and send him/her in private... if he/she dont want the code you can pass it to the next one ;)
    this way everyone has a fair chance to recieve a code at some point..
    for me its not interesting at all cause i dont have mac or ios.
  • @Phal_anx - I hear ya, but it's meant to get more people to turn on notifications for all forum posts rather than just check their individual messages :)

    Speaking of which, here's another one (Mac): 3TNY4WPYJMF9

    @sot have another go!
  • ahhh ok :)
  • I mailed a friend about the code and just got back to email he said he downloaded Audulus, so I believe he took the code. Sorry not to have posted, I didn't want to preemptively claim if he turned out not to be interested!
  • @demcanulty - right on!

    @sot - next time!

    I'll post these once or twice a week, so keep checking back, and make sure you have forum email notifications turned on! You might find it helpful to set up a separate email inbox for forum notifications so they don't clog your main email - this is what I do.
  • i tried to get it but the app store said that i can not redeem the app cause i dont updated to el capitan yet (i'm on yosemite), if only allow me to have it on my account it would be alright but no! thx apple :), anyway thank you for the generous offer biminiroad! i'll keep an eye on the forum :)
  • @sot - cool! Leave a note here when you've updated and I'll upload a new code shortly after that you'll have a chance at :)
  • alright! :)
  • hello biminiroad I just want to say that I installed Sierra and tried the last code you posted again and it worked! thank you very much :) ,had the win version and now i can play with my mac too (I believe the greek App Store does not have a review of the app yet so I'll put one as soon as I can), bye!

    ps. unfortunately apple says "To rate this app, you must have purchased it from the Mac App Store" so i can't rate it, anyway i'll spread the word
  • Hey Mark -- Thanks for the code you posted on twitter that I somehow got by random chance! Last time I played with Audulus was a trial version a year or so back; it was a CPU HOG! This latest version I got last night is WAY lighter, and doesn't make my poor little mid 2010 MacBook scream in melting pain! Look forward to learning and using this to augment my knowledge of Eurorack and Modular! This thing is HUGE!
  • @boe_dye - Taylor has optimized the heck out of Audulus, and has some further optimizations in both the expression and light nodes. Do you have an Expert Sleepers ES-8 or other DC coupled audio interface?
  • Might as well post another free code:

  • I used that one up mark thanks! Finally got it on my ipad
  • Shucks, I was at the gym!
  • @biminiroad - Nope, just simple aux plug to some speakers. I have a Focusrite that I never use cause I never have time to record much anymore.
  • 4 Free Mac codes! Please comment once redeemed, and please don't be greedy - just take one!

  • LEJ9FKJ6MRHY redeemed. Thanks al lot @biminiroad
  • Thanks! I just redeemed WN4JMERPT36J. I'm new here, so I really appreciate it. I mainly develop Reaktor Blocks and have been wanting to experiment with Audulus.
  • @Heiliger_Bimbam @trickyflemming - Surprised they've lasted this long! Welcome to Audulus :)
  • FN799R9JWTRM redeemed. Thanks @biminiroad! I bought the iOS version recently and have been lurking the forum picking up tips. I'll be sure to contribute some patches once I have my head wrapped around the interface...
  • Redeeming JT6JPTNXNLFY
  • Free iOS Code!

  • How do you use this code? When i go to the ios store, i am given an option to buy.... not enter a code...
  • Claiming/ redeeming 3xm49x9tmh9h. How do i use this code? I obtaned audulus, but believe i was charged. Thanks for assistance.
  • @gravytop - you'll have to get a refund through Apple - sounds like you purchased it. You can't use the codes retroactively.

    Get a refund then contact me through email and I'll send you a code privately. Everyone else, go ahead and keep trying for this code, it's still available!

  • Thanks, man. Will try to get a refund....
  • @gravytop Might I suggest keeping it now that you got it? Consider it a happy accident, but one that could take you some wonderful places! Audulus is huge, and for the price you paid you are getting what would easily cost you thousands in Eurorack hardware. Open it up and play with it, its a great app!!
  • I appreciate the suggestion. I do have a desktop version... so I have supported this developer and will happily do so again in future. It's just that I have to be very judicious about non-essential purchases right now for financial reasons...